procrastinating at 2 am?

as I am still trying to get myself away from the late-TV watching night owl rhythm acquired during lockdown – so far not very successfully, I am afraid – I was just scrolling through fb and came across this:

having adapted the recipe to finish off an amount of allegedly organic peanut butter which I find far too runny, using some powdered milk I keep for emergencies, and a little honey.So far the consistency looks promising; the issue arising now is to put it in the fridge for cooling and go to bed rather than spooning it out of the mixing tub. Kinda tricky, arguing with yourself…

~ by Barbara S on November 28, 2022.

One Response to “procrastinating at 2 am?”

  1. the peanut butter candy are fine for breakfast today – consistency of soft toffee and not too sweet as i held back on the honey – 😋

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