Basho, Robert Aitken and Haiku 8

In chapter 7 Aitken discloses what appears in much of mindfulness teaching a well-kept secret:
Attention discloses infinite riches.

One poet on wp calls her blog Deep Now. That’s it, I want to say.
And Aitken quotes Simone Weil: “Even if our attention seems for years to be producing no results,
one day a light that is in exact proportion of them will flood the soul.”

There is nothing but the muddy melon with which Aitken started the chapter,
the muddy melon in a verse of Basho’s Aitken quotes.
And yet…
does it make sense to say: The whole world echoes the muddy melon.

Does that make sense?
Only recently I read the nothingness in Buddhism is not Nihilism – but potential.

Well, some teachers could have fooled me.

~ by Barbara S on May 28, 2022.

6 Responses to “Basho, Robert Aitken and Haiku 8”

  1. did you post this twice by accident?

    • oops – I was wondering where it had gone. Must check tomorrow.Limited time online this month. But have ordered a different modem, so should be back to reg service. Thanks for commenting, David. Hope all is progressing well.

  2. The whole world echoes the muddy melon. If I am understanding this correctly, it is similar to seeing the universe in a single flower. I believe Thich Nhat Hahn used to use that teaching often.

    • I feel closer to Aitken who says the same thing rather a bit differently. ‘There is nothing but the melon and yet… and yet…’ Thanks for commenting, Mark. I hope all is well.

      • There is noting but the melon, and yet there is also so much more than the melon? Hmmm, I like that. I still haven’t picked up that book yet. It is still on the list.

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