As You like It 2

Here I give you a review from someone who seems to know what they are writing about:

I wrote to the Artistic Director (and later filled in their survey) confessing my difficulties with the language and suggesting a BSL-interpreter might have helped – although I am not trained, ‘it is such an expressive language’.. which, it occurred to me afterward was pretty damning comment on the play. Too late. Th AD simply replied they did have BSL at one performance in every location – I missed that. So should I ever attempt to sit through a Shakespeare play that might be my go-to solution. I love BSL.

I realise that the show probably took some liberties with Shakespeare in that a thread or theme seems to be trans-identity. Nothing further so far speaks to me, alas. As there is a philosophical connection to my favourite theatre director’s quote ‘theatre simply has to change the world’ – the late Peter Palitzsch. I had a subscription in Stuttgart when he was director in 1968 and 1969 and LOVED it – Mother Courage and other early 20th century stuff, at the age of 15 – it did change my world as it showed the world as changeable. Psychodrama later confirmed that in a different way…

In the survey on AYLI I wrote I enjoyed the performance as much as you can when not speaking the language. I fear my library books on the play will go back unread as a book proposal is taking my energy.


~ by Barbara S on May 22, 2022.

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