trouble – d’Verse prompt: Poetics

I am going to get into a lot of trouble.’ – Raymond Radiguet, Possessed by the Devil, Grasset 1923



I do or not:

I am going to get

into a lot of trouble:

some because I am me

some because I am not –

may I at least learn not to

apologise for the former


~ by Barbara S on March 29, 2022.

11 Responses to “trouble – d’Verse prompt: Poetics”

  1. No Apologies necessary here! Thanks so much for joining in.

  2. Damned if you do, and…
    I enjoyed this quirky, wise poem.

  3. Damned if you do, damned if your don’t — never apologize

  4. A good way to live.

  5. To thine own self be true….

  6. “Be who you is and not who you ain’t, because if you is who ain’t, you ain’t who you is.” Not always easy, but a noble ideal to strive for ❤

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