for reasons they don’t understand*

submitted on April 28, 2022

Brits*** now

and from of old

seeing themselves as subjects

for reasons they don’t understand*

still stuck


now argue more

what’s right and what isn’t

for reasons they don’t understand

still stuck


put her finger

on the matter of cause

for reasons they don’t understand



over popular

aspie goes for the jugular**

once clear

*found yesterday;s prompt from go dog… cafe too late – will contribute/reference another time

**Greta Thunberg in the BBC documentary after her first year of activism spoke of her impression only AS-affected people may look deeply at cause and effect; another way to get there, it seems to me, is having failed so utterly in a first concept of life to find yourself in AA or any other 12-step group – mind and eyes open to serenity. May religion not close them again.

***Readers: Replace the particular oddities of the folk you know best, and – remember: they do other things as well, are not reduced to this one thing. Thank you.

~ by Barbara S on March 23, 2022.

5 Responses to “for reasons they don’t understand*”

  1. So beautiful and insightful. Thought processes and patterns are rather individualized, in my mind, and how we approach things should be respected and encouraged. Reducing people to one thing you happen to notice is a failure to account for the entire being they are and the self they decide to share with you while in their company. I wish more could actively pin-point their own implicit biases that way and understand more of the parts rather than the whole outside of ourselves.

  2. I cannot say it more succinctly than Ms. Lucy! Each stanza, powerful, smart, impactful.

  3. A very clever and complex insight into different ways of perceiving the world. Greta has tremendous courage and insight too.

  4. I think that every nation is being divided. Maybe we need a real crisis to become united.

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