The lonely cloud – d’Verse Prosery prompt

The prompt says: The line I want you to include in your prose/flash fiction piece of 144 words or less, sans title, is “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. Remember, you must use the line, word for word.

My offering today:

My bike ride this afternoon took me back to the little park near the Library, where the sun shone in my face as I was sitting on the bench I have never seen anyone else on but have sat on late last summer already. Still it is decorated with fresh flowers and engraved ‘to the memory of… loving daughter, mother, friend..’

I don’t know them, I didn’t know them, yet I am touched by the tender connection with someone unknown. As I sit there today, I can’t be sure, but it seems I touch my love’s heart, and faint as a passing cloud the thought crosses my mind, how wrong Wordsworth was: I wandered lonely as a cloud… We touch each other in a myriad of ways even as we pass, even if we don’t know it or can’t be sure.


~ by Barbara S on March 14, 2022.

12 Responses to “The lonely cloud – d’Verse Prosery prompt”

  1. Frustration….I just wrote a response and it wouldn’t post. Hopefully this one will.
    I LOVE what you’ve done with the prompt. Who dares to say Wordsworth, the great poet, is wrong? But you did within the context here of what you write and it is SO TRUE! Just a wonderful response. It reminds me of a composition my son-in-law just sent in to the publisher. He is an accomplished composer of choral music….many many of his pieces published and sung by chorales across the country. This latest piece is about what you’ve alluded to here….mutuality. When one person does something, it reverberates and it is, in effect, felt by all. I shall share with him your post!

  2. Yes!
    ‘We touch each other in a myriad of ways even as we pass, even if we don’t know it or can’t be sure.’ So very true. Lovely thought-provoking writing.

  3. Beautiful sentiments, Barbara. We are influencing each other as part of the whole.

  4. Such lovely sentiments!

  5. How profound yet how true! If we only knew sometimes the effect that we have on others thoughts, on their hearts….even after we pass. I like your approach to the prompt, questioning Wordsworth’s quote.

  6. Bully for you taking on that line. A beautifully well supported argument too.

  7. I love the positive ending. Feels like the sort of thing we need to remind ourselves. Thank you, Barbara.

  8. “how wrong Wordsworth was”
    Now that’s a new twist i didnt see coming. Bravo!!!


  9. Oh, certainly! Without even realising it, we do touch others.

  10. I love how you share little snippets of your life 🙂


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