Go Dog Go Cafe – prompt: Love Lost

From one day to the next, Cornelia would not play with me any more and – she would not tell me why.

I pleaded with her more than once. Nothing.

I can still feel the loneliness, the devastation. My best friend, my only friend. She had a sweet soft face with a stubby nose and short sandy-blond hair. And a very slight limp, from polio, I had learned. To me, it looked like she was dancing. We were 9. But the devastation is still in my bones to this day.

Tender love

means the world

the one and all

Don’t ask me how but I figured out as an adult that my mother had made a pass at Conny’s father who was the town’s family doctor and he forbade to ever come into his surgery again. That is how, when, not long after, my misery turned to kidney disease, age 9, I was sent to the doctor’s office on my own. I didn’t know the reasons at age 9, of course.

Returning from the doctor’s office, I stopped at a field, between houses, and saw wild grass swaying in the wind and I knew, beyond comfort and certainly beyond words: If and when the grass stops growing, it transforms, goes on still – somehow. Life goes on – eternally?


~ by Barbara S on February 9, 2022.

3 Responses to “Go Dog Go Cafe – prompt: Love Lost”

  1. how sad 😦

  2. Oh, I know this pain you speak of. My heart hurts for 9 year old you. I like how you placed your haiku in the middle.

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