Abuse in the Catholic Church

I had reason the other week to write to a RC Academic who has not long ago taken a stance against the cover-up of sexual abuse in the RC Church. I concluded the email:

“Thankyou for speaking up. I hope this does not now mean you have had to promise not to talk about the matter any further… What seems to be missing… from my perspective is to look at the denial of negative theology. Especially for those who come to religious life as vulnerable this leads to – not only to miss a chance of recovery for them but also to perpetuation of unhealthy power structures.”

Given what I know about the person, I felt I did not have to spell out what I mean by that last point: Negative theology is one title for a strand of mysticism that is concerned with the God-within or, as on contemporary English Carmelite nun, Ruth Burrows, puts it in one of her books: We all have an inner mystic – whether we know it or not. Whether it is shaped by religion or not. As a social worker I was fortunate to be able to help some clients just by talking with them as if they knew that of themselves.


For the debate see e.g.


~ by Barbara S on January 23, 2022.

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