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into my second month of this winter to be spent in Germany, I had an upsetting experience of incompetence, maladministration and misunderstandings about dental treatment much delayed (teaches me the grass is not much greener over here now) yesterday – prompted me to look for another dentist (big advantage here – you can self-refer to most practices, as long as they take state insurance which fewer are doing now). Came across this one, in my current neighbourhood.

  • The page I wanted to show, does not open with the link immediately, but should show under the tab ‘ueber uns’. Let me describe it briefly: The image shows the two co-practising dentists with blue t-shirts, standing smiling into the camera, in a cave with the opening behind them – blue sky…
  • It took me a moment until the penny dropped: What they did there – the dentist in the cave – the German for inside of the mouth being Mundhoehle – cave of the mouth.
  • That tickled me and somehow I felt this might be the kind of inspiration I need to translate my IP into something shareable for a return after all.
  • So, I have registered with the Coaching service these guys used for a free initial session.
  • PS – also like that the younger of the two talks in a blog post about treating periodontal disease with aromatherapy. Something to learn more about.


~ by Barbara S on December 24, 2021.

One Response to “coaching inspiration”

  1. coach has written back – just an acknowledgement and promise to get together soon – ended with a note to ‘stay negative’. This comments alone lifts my spirit – a tender sense of irony with a tongue gently stuck out at positive psychology. Ah – 🤗

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