Possibly my most important pattern seeking moment: Guest blog by Rory – not only for ADHD-readers

a sharp mind on how health can be toxic: I bring you Rory, the ADHD coach:

Rory's Reckons

Why do people please? They are in pain.

I keep thinking about the effects of being “healthy” and how some of those people tend to be the worst people. Social pain lights up the same receptors in the brain as physical pain. The only people who tend to be the most callous, don’t feel pain or shame.

You spend time around the disabled or mental health communities and you get to see how much empathy these people have for the world.

A healthy society is society where disabled people are respected, and this explains a lot about why we have such uphill battles getting our needs taken seriously. A better world is possible.

I’d like to point out the mistreatment of disabled people is largely a result of colonial mindset, conquering the world. Winning at the expense of connection. Indigenous people celebrate differences.

I think this is why I…

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~ by Barbara S on November 18, 2021.

2 Responses to “Possibly my most important pattern seeking moment: Guest blog by Rory – not only for ADHD-readers”

  1. A perspective I’ve not seen so clearly described… this has given me pause and a topic for reflection. Now all I need is some time for deep thought!

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