as wide as…

Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg has a book out by the title ‘Heart as Wide as the World’. I can’t claim that,

but I have very recently come to think if mine was, is as wide as the park in your home town, I’d be very happy.*

We took the measure of it on no more than two handfuls of Saturday afternoon walks. And I don’t remember much of what we

talked about. But I remember the silence was easy. And more than that – resting with your being.

When I returned home from those walks I would sit quietly and sense your presence for some time still.

union as equals

fulfilling without guarantees

no more hiding judging

What I did not know then – how my heart had come to rest in that width and what price I would be willing to pay to dig out your

being from under your precious acquired identity. And how I would start swearing when you pressed it upon me – and you did not


It took a long, long time to bridge those 24 years when we did not see each other; it took even longer to return to the simple

presence of – being close: A single moment.

the man with me

beyond being with –

still your person



~ by Barbara S on October 31, 2021.

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  1. Nicely penned! 😀

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