Elderberry Gin

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Yes, I’m off again.  A hedge full of elderberries, busily being stripped by the birds, but this year I’m having my share too.  Elderberries, like Rowan, come with their own element of risk.  This time – cyanide poisoning.  Well, I like to live on the edge, but this time I’m taking some precautions.  The risk of alkaloid poisoning can be significantly reduced by ensuring that all berries are ‘de-stemmed’ by using the tines of a fork, only fully ripe berries are used, and that the fruit is cooked through before use. The cooking is the bit that makes the real difference – people make elderberry wine and jellies all the time without adverse affects, but the recipes that they follow will involve a degree of cooking.  Now I’m obviously not interested in cooking the fruit down to a pulp or steeping it in boiling water, so I took…

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~ by Barbara S on September 23, 2021.

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  1. am reluctant to consider putting sugar in. Plan to wait and taste first.

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