human ingenuity: transformative creativity

I remember reading Charles M Schulz dealt with his melancholy by creating the Peanuts. Whether that is correct or not, the persistent subtle and complex irony and warm-hearted response to all-too human foibles certainly warms my heart. So I make sure to have my weekly dose of Peanuts at least.

while a graduate student, 1979, a group of friends gave me a volume of Peanuts cartoons by the title ‘the team needs you…’ as a birthday present.

~ by Barbara S on May 31, 2021.

4 Responses to “human ingenuity: transformative creativity”

  1. Wonderful post, Barbara! Charles Shultz definitely did the right thing for himself and I’ve found that creating something, just as he did, helps me to feel so much better on my worst days. Peanuts is one of my favorite childhood shows!

  2. I had a brief stint with painting abstracts but it didn’t last, partly perhaps due to logistics (I live in a small caravan/trailer), but perhaps more importantly, and to facilitate writing mode, I have discovered mild/adaptive yoga, including mudras, to keep me grounded. Have a good day. 🙂

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