dancing on the hot plate

when I was growing up (talk 1969), there was a very popular TV advert for a well-known brand of cigarettes, showing a cartoon character, dressed in a cloak, dancing on a hot plate and eventually lifting off to rise rocket-high – only to be pulled down again by a hand from the off: “Warum denn gleich in die Luft gehen, greife lieber zur …” Why blow a fuse if you can have one of our cigarettes. Well, that was the brand I started on, age 15. And after the first one that made me feel slightly sick, it did help. I was hooked and smoked up to 20 a day for some 15 years.

Today I wish, I could have one in my hand and feel magically grounded and calm. But I don’t any more and, if you must know, right now I am working on reducing carb cravings by drinking ACV-infused water. It seems to work – but that really makes me angry: Now I am not even allowed carb-cravings and carbs anymore? I could spit. But instead I am off for a spin on the bike. Perhaps buy a banana.

my willow waiting

park down the road –

cool my head

~ by Barbara S on May 26, 2021.

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