On the side of the little compost corner at the end of my back yard lawn, now growing into a wildflower meadow, are appearing quickly three ash trees as a kind friend with an app to identify them told me: One is about 80cm high, another 40 and the third about 30cm. I like the mythology connecting them with ailing children healing – there has been some of that going on in me off late – although, if you want to be non-mythological about it, you might ascribe their appearance to my tending to a plot for the first time in my life and that again is, in these parts, if any tree – most likely to produce an ash tree. While keeping an open mind, I am inclined to marvel at some birds or the wind dropping seeds here of all places, with no other ash tree in at least 100m distance either direction.

Mythology aside, there remains: Healing effect on rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis and a diuretic. Marvellous, my own pharmacy – shall get some horse manure from across the lane tomorrow… I love the description ‘if you don’t prune, an ash tree grows into an elegant shape’. I shall watch and marvel… For growing high, specially the small ones are too close to the wall, but I shan’t worry about next year. For now, I just feed them.

Meanwhile, across the meadow, ivy is still climbing up the shed wall, with a wild rose bush shielding it, after 3 years about 150 cm high and rounding nicely. What riches.

~ by Barbara S on April 30, 2021.

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