… have self-assessed myself for AS recently after a radio programme where I heard an IT professor speak about his gift/disability AS (he has a formal diagnosis) – he said it made him a creative thinker, seeking truth and justice, not settling for second best, socially awkward and “if there is an elephant in the room I’ll be the one naming it”!
That hit home – with a great relief! I then worked through three different online tests, all with the result I ‘should go and see a professional’ – I don’t think so. I have worked throughout my fifties a s and adult and mental health social worker, and it has not diminished my life-long skepticism when it comes to the medical model – currently I am reading Silberman’s book Neurotribes and I think that is the kind of ‘normalisation’ I’d like to contribute to: I have learned a lot from survivors of psychiatric treatment who have set up the Hearing Voices Network (I don’t hear voices), I like the thoroughly person-centred approach they are advocating and the saying ‘we are all on a spectrum of human experience’. Nevertheless, the not-quite diagnosis meant a relief for me as I came to understand lifelong difficulties with social skills and making myself understood much better while if also gave me a sense of self-compassion I had lacked – because this is it, this is who I am. So, life begins at 62…

~ by Barbara S on June 12, 2016.

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