empty head?

that is

der moment

of thinking

in zwei sprachen

at the same



(author unknown; thanks to Angelika Davey who found this and suggested to call this phenomenon – being bye-lingual)

~ by Barbara S on December 20, 2015.

2 Responses to “empty head?”

  1. Found this as a bilingual print on a shirt for sale online. The sensation resonates with me – both in a profoundly liberating way – something like the freedom from language, the freedom beyond language, yet also in sense that is humbling at the best of times and can be quite embarrassing: As I said to a German person once, while on holiday – sometimes I run out of words -in both languages: Mir fehlen die Worte.

  2. Not long ago, a study coming out of India, was reported on BBC Radio news: “Being bi-lingual protects the brain – maybe not language use, but use of the brain…” – I could not help wondering whether that means one can then be frustrated in two ways not to get out the words out…

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