St Barbara

4 Dec – her saint’s day

Not born a Catholic, the various legends of various saints can see me rolling my eyes, especially when relics and such like come in.

But then, some stories develop a meaning – it was my father suggested my name, Barbara being the patron saint of Artillery and him having survived the trenches and pow years in Siberia… (not being a Catholic, he may very well have come across the legend there).

A priest some 20 years older than me, with a genuine and sincere spirituality, once said to me, her being imprisoned in a tower resonated with him – when thinking of me. Mmh – I am now close to the age he was when he said that and healthy, apart from creaking bones, aka osteoarthritis.

On another level, my father created a prison for me to get out of by seeking out my mother. And, once I was on my way, in my thirties that is – I adopted the name, – as my mother, already in true form had insisted on a common German diminutive – which I would have had to drop in the English-speaking world anyway as nobody could spell or pronounce it.

The other day, I happened across a small soft furry key ring toy with the face of a BAER – German spelling of bear and the first letters of my original name. So I can now be playful with that background. There is something to be said for aging.

~ by Barbara S on December 4, 2022.

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