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Breaking the Cycle of Shame and Addiction

History often repeats itself unless we learn from it. We see this mantra in motion when we revisit our past, with the same sequence of events unfolding time and again. This is the cycle of addiction:

  1. Feeling afraid, ashamed or resentful
  2. Wanting to numb the feelings
  3. Using alcohol and other drugs
  4. Hurting ourselves and others, or pushing people away
  5. Repeat the process

To interrupt the cycle, and to live in alignment with the principles of recovery, we have to change how we respond to these feelings. And we have to understand that mistakes do not reveal our true character—our reactions do.

Are you owning your mistakes without self-judgment? Read or listen in, and learn how to free yourself from shame and move forward.

  • guest post, borrowed from fb

~ by Barbara S on September 29, 2022.

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