Getting it straight

Having come back from my trip to Scarborough after, among other highlights, a fruitful quiet hour in the hospital chapel there (I like to frequent those as they frequently have late 20th century architecture and a multi-denominational feel), I wanted to re-establish a fairly new routine I started, rather test-rode, before the pandemic. Here is what I emailed to the local RC church secretary, with no time for beating about the bush:


– after pandemic guidelines have been lifted, I would like to start again my practice of sitting in the church for quiet prayer on some weekday afternoons. I thought I better make myself known in this way. I am very much appreciative of the space to do this in. Will donate when I can.

While not a Catholic any more – called to leave the Church after 17 formative yrs as an adult, in 2004, on the anniversary of my vows as a lay person in the Carmelite tradition – the prayer in the style of Meister Eckhart and St John of the Cross stayed with me.

So, if and when the priest should notice me, I am very happy to wave and smile hi – but do not wish to engage in conversation. I do hope this helps.

I am round-shaped with specs and grey cropped hair, appear on my push-bike. 🙂 …”

6 hrs later, I received this reply:

“Dear B

Please come to (our church) for quiet prayer whenever you wish in the afternoon, you are very welcome.

Sincerely xx, Parish Secretary”

Can’t quite figure the saying to apply here – something like the bold worm catches the fish, perhaps?

It did touch me, though.

painting by Salvadore Dali, Christ of St John of the Cross, 1951, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow

~ by Barbara S on September 16, 2022.

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