wow – they talk

today on my bike through town, I happened upon a couple, in their early fifties perhaps, man and woman, each a bulldog pup on a leash, who were clearly settling an argument, calmly. As I was waiting to cross the road, I couldn’t help overhearing a few sentences, and I was much impressed.

Even anonymously, it does not seem right to intrude into their details, and I only caught a few of them anyway. What impressed me most was the the man saying ‘because you said that (which I had not been expecting) I felt…’ and the woman conceding at one point: ‘Yes, normally I would say that…’

Not literally open-mouthed, I hope, I turned back, briefly, once I had crossed the road and saw them holding hands as their pups lead the way.


even in the muddle

contact still

a few hrs later the images below cropped up in my fb feed – the two I met today, however briefly, were clearly able to swap roles…

~ by Barbara S on August 28, 2022.

2 Responses to “wow – they talk”

  1. do you think this is really so unusual?

    • round here, what I seem to get in my ear occasionally is – clearly underprivileged – people shouting abuse at each other; this felt and feels really cleansing.

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