dad says…

A black dog turns

grey snout –

he loves everybody

After I left the clinic I had been to see on the edge of the posh little town nearby, on my way to the petrol station cum upmarket corner shop, I happened across the pair – a man, probably my age with his mid-size probably cross-bred black dog, walking more slowly than I. So I was soon close behind them on the narrow pavement.

Eventually the dog turned and dad spoke briefly in my direction. Pondering upon the moment afterwards, I was reminded of another scene in another posh village, at the other end of the county, where I used to live in my caravan, some 7 years ago now. One day on the bus, a posh elderly – I suppose gentleman you would call them round here, made a more than derogatory remark about another older man who self-neglected severely, living at the other edge of the village from me. I replied to the gentleman ‘it takes all sorts’ – and, not in keeping with British spirit, I felt, he countered: ‘Unfortunately, yes.’

narrow pavement

behind the hedge –

humans draw a wall


~ by Barbara S on August 19, 2022.

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