stretch of time

having come back from heat retreat with more than annoying aches and pains and learning that osteopath was just off on holiday for 2 weeks, I decided to extend the deadline for my book proposal (self-imposed as it was) and focus on self-treatment before any I buy in. This has led to sleeping in (thank goodness temp is now a pleasant 22C) and increasingly following advice from two physiotherapists on youtube. After first guessing and then adjusting description of my symptoms. These guys are quite entertaining, so I am probably watching them for longer than I need to. But at least I have now techniques for stretches of neck, shoulder, thumb, knee and ankle. (This should become a rhyming chant about granny for kids in a nursery.) In between I learned that my thought ‘uh this all arthritis..’ was borderline depressive which was not going to help. It may well be but individual specific exercises/stretches still help. Did I mention the hips? The exercise for stretching those helped most quickly and as that had been the most worrying symptom, the improvement is most welcome. It together with the exercises gives me a sense of freedom inside, even if the scaffolding creaks. In between I have written to the local college offering to mentor an 18+ female health and social care student for help with cleaning my van. Have already heard back, they pinned my notice up on their job board. So I am waiting to hear, and I have made an appointment with a barber to have my cropped head refreshed on Tuesday, and booked a B&B in the region so I can hear a friend taking part in her local open mic session in a couple of weeks. Incidentally, I will be staying in a local bikers’ hostel where they’ll be having a weekly gig on the same night, so that should be lively. Also planning a mid-week trip to the seaside in September and one to Utrecht University in October. So I must be feeling mobile. And I learned from the physio that when out walking (without bike) I might benefit from a cane/stick if I carry it in the opposite hand (from the injured knee). Just following some easy stretches, I feel I may be turning into a yogi.

ruach all flowing

while limping

one joint at the time

~ by Barbara S on July 29, 2022.

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