microadventure 2.0

some chance read reminded me how I came across the concept of microadventures developed by a Londoner after he had cycled round the world. I did not follow them for long, but went on to live my life. As I listen to him today giving a talk, on youtube, I notice that of course, he leaves out masses of hours of hard grind or cuts them short to a sentence. So, I conclude, for me, being adventurous is keeping an open mind for surprises – and then carry on: Writing, in my case.

Surprised as I was the other day meeting the hotel owner with her cheerful smile full of bad teeth and her partner, long-haired grey, sitting outside on a bench, just as friendly if a bit quieter. What is the story of those two women approaching 70, as I am, in my own way? And that I sat down to write then in the swelteringly hot en-suite, south-facing, with the curtains drawn, with a sorry excuse for a fan towering next to my right leg.

Note to self: This adventurer now needs a modicum of homeliness with the surprise. I need an affordable bed at the end of a day travelling. But there is the bus pass I have not yet exploited much as I received it reaching pension age just before the pandemic restrictions kicked in.

Where will I go? What will I report? What new thoughts will I think? When over the past 4 yrs more often than not I felt myself imprisoned by a love that turned rigidity as soon as it expressed itself and I had not yet found a way out, I sometimes said to myself the safe word: Galileo Galilei. ‘You can make my life a misery’, I said to my friend, ‘but I will never surrender to your rigidity or to your righteousness’. An adventure?

Now I am beginning to sense, the aches and pains that adventure left me with feels much like my dad’s imprisonment. I don’t know much about his time as a prisoner of war in Siberia, but the imprisonment in the marriage he chose was with me all my childhood, is in my genes and is now screaming in my left side. The hard grind here is keeping to my daily exercise routine to release dad from prison in my tissue, and my spirit open to new discovery.


~ by Barbara S on July 24, 2022.

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