heat retreat turned writing holiday

3 days ago, I fled my live-in caravan with a suitcase full of books (mostly), for an en-suite in a small hotel I knew at the other end of the county; apart from surviving the scorching heat foreseen by the BBC, I was hoping to make progress with a piece of work due by the end of the month but which will be taking a bit longer…

The hotel did not have 3 nights available, so for the third night, I had to move .3 miles away to another where the room was almost as hot as my caravan and I could not get the shower to run cold but where I was served an excellent breakfast this morning and did get some writing done last night after all. The owner greeted me with a broad smile – an outgoing woman my age and shape, with worse teeth but no self-consciousness hiding them. Had I been before? She thought she knew me… And I had had the same thought.

Without my bike, thus practically no exercise in the extreme heat, apart from dragging my case on day 1, aches and pains made me determined to work with hypnosis for the next 3 months before I spend money on any intervention (such as acupuncture or visit to a doc in Germany): Pain management and weight are the issues. Acute pain caused by my old knee injury now affecting other parts of my body – and – hypnosis: Not least because I had a sudden and very successful episode dealing with a matter that has been occupying my mind for far too long, finally cutting some cords…: The suddenness, cutting through an issue with focus, from a deep clarity, made me think there may be more resources lying dormant. Hence – self-hypnosis. Watch this space to hear how I get on… being my own doc… Before my pension is due to be paid next Tue I’ll use some free youtube routines and then decide whether to buy a package and if so, which one.

~ by Barbara S on July 20, 2022.

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