social worker creativity

An hour or two ago, I picked up my mail from the office that receives it for me, including an ankle bandage. Looking at it, I was concerned it might be too tight – but as soon as I put on my left foot – ah, snug and supportive.

Since a fall with the bike due to unstable load (my own mistake) last October, on and off, I had that left ankle ache. Most recently, it was made worse when doing my favourite TREE exercise. That really annoyed me as I do need that exercise now more than ever. So I have dug out some ARNICA cream I still had and ordered the bandage. Bliss. I know I can continue with TREE. And, as also someone (he won’t read this, but I am pretty sure I know who he is) has been sending me healing today, that sensation merges with the relief around my ankle.

And, as much as I can moan about my sensitivity on occasion, here is an opportunity to be grateful for it.

The bandage, and the joy about its effect, also remind me of what I found most gratifying when working as a social worker – in major and minor crises clients faced, I turned into a dog with a bone – not letting go until I had a solution, depending on the case, pragmatic or deep-rooted . Nothing in my life gave me so much joy as coming up with something that helped – including re-arranging a family scenario where necessary, or pointing a client effectively towards a solution outside their comfort zone.

So, now I can do it for myself. Not long ago, I heard myself say: ‘I am quite resourceful, – that does not preclude, on occasion, reinventing the wheel -‘ (thanks to Asperger traits).

~ by Barbara S on July 14, 2022.

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