as life is

my new lapel

pin displaying my love

for distant owls (2)

abound in these woods

arrived today

while I

am writing a letter of

protest to the UK


where a committee

seems to be

standing by

to let refugees

be deported to Rwanda

for processing.

May owls’ cooing

remind me

to raise

my voice

for protest at

least. (1)

(1) am sending cc to the Refugee Council – with regrets that I am unable to attend planned demonstrations.

(2) see

“Dear Madam/Sir,

due to issues with his ethical performance as I see them, I feel unable to write my MP, but approach you directly: As an EC citizen, permanently settled in the UK I feel embarrassed and ashamed for my chosen home  country  that the dubious, inhumane policy of deporting refugees to Rwanda has been allowed to be developed to this stage. I urge you to find ways to prevent the first flight from going out before reversing the policy permanently. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend any of the planned protests at Brook House and the Home Office etc. As if the doubtful ethical practice at Brook House was not presenting a bad enough image of this country to the world -…

Thank you in advance for your effort…”

~ by Barbara S on June 8, 2022.

3 Responses to “multi-faceted”

  1. 🦉 you’re a good soul, Barbara… hoot, hoot!

    • thank you; I was pleased to hear on BBC R4 news at noon, 2 cases are in the High Ct, one today, one on Monday. UK Home Office has apparently claimed the UNHCR had agreed while they have done no such thing. It was also reported 3 out of 100 had already been told they would not go on the plane (probably also because of admin errors on UK part) 😣😣

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