historic offence

totally unrelated to recent reports on stop and search policies in London, I remembered an experience some 20 years ago, while living in North Wales. In my little left-hand-drive fiesta, brought with me from Ger three years previous, I was driving to a job interview and got – stopped by police. There was nobody else on the road for miles…

As far as I remember, the PO did nothing other than talking to me for a bit, and I replied ‘… so you are not very busy today…’, not once, not twice, but thrice. The chap was fuming but holding on to his composure, if only just – . In the end, he was done with me, and I made it to my job interview in time. Chuckling to myself all the way. I am still chuckling. – Had my English identified me as a foreigner, the outcome might well have been different even then, even there.


~ by Barbara S on June 3, 2022.

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