a long night in Leeds

wisely, I asked the theatre to call me a taxi for after, unwisely central Leeds is being turned into a traffic chaos due to building works and one-way system, so I thank the taxi driver for his patience – he got me to the off-licence 3 mins before closing and – the shop keeper in his Arabic accent agreed with my groan – Shakespeare would be alright if he spoke English. That’s all I am going to say before I have been deep into the bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

Shakes and Peare – oh wey

taxi driver from Punjab

and a working class laugh – aah*

PS Leeds Playhouse staff were very kind to help me and the actors worked very hard. I found a seat with free space around me, no stairs, I could stretch my sore knee throughout the 3 hrs of performance.

PPS A couple of months ago, the touring theatre company put a piece in the papers here saying somebody had in York of all places left the show early and demanded their money back as the actors were speaking ‘Yorkshire accent’. I have my doubts now about that being the real reason 😫🙄😆😏


~ by Barbara S on May 18, 2022.

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