Today* I came out of the day room for a bunch of old men – they seemed all retired priests. Quite content and reasonably friendly – not that I had much to do with them.

With me, alongside me, the empty stretcher.

(John 5,8) Take your bed and go.

I left the Catholic Church over 17 years ago, after 17 years**, – with relief and some sadness about what I perceived as spiritual corruption at the core, carried along for some 1500 years.

Opium for the masses after all?

I had played the bed from that scene in a psychodrama session ca 1988 and felt truly released when the paralysed man got off me.

ah no –

the greater love

to be true

  • why the dream now?
  • a friend still will not let go.


*dream May 14, 2022

** in some concepts of numerology 17 stands for clarification…

~ by Barbara S on May 14, 2022.

2 Responses to “stretcher”

  1. I left the church 28 years ago. I didn’t think it was right that they were so offended that I bailed out of a very wrong marriage. I still think the Catholic Church has a lot of issues but I am sorry for the loss of the good that they used to provide for communities – all of those who dedicated so much of their lives truly caring for the sick, the elderly, and the like, the sense of community they provided, the basic guidelines of living a good life (even if the church leaders failed to follow such guidelines). I don’t think they will ever truly grasp the spiritual side of life.

    • good for you! thinking of all the nonsense homilies I have heard in 17 yrs, I revert to the wisdom of my youth ‘opium for the people’, I think.

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