spring – go-dog-go-cafe prompt

the end of the lane

wild rose bush thrives

as I potter along

Recently, I have been at the receiving end of some one sharing confusion and fear. To my own surprise, this made me realise what my role in this and not only in this – was: To say. to embody a statement ‘this ends here’. Thinking back, this has already recently applied to someone sharing resentment and making me the target. Spontaneously, I just went with what I could do and can do and thus – exercised my inner freedom. No resentment. This ends here.

May this be my spring cleaning just as I have recently realised the remedy for overwhelm and apathy in view of chores is – to do just one little thing per day, beyond the necessary I do anyway: I don’t have to measure my house-cleaning against some global standard, but with my own little feet, just walk one step, one chore per day.

clarity in view

in the midst of chaos



~ by Barbara S on May 5, 2022.

One Response to “spring – go-dog-go-cafe prompt”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your prose here and love, love the idea of spring cleaning our minds and attitude. Loved your two haiku as well ♥️

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