static – d’Verse prompt

Some caravans are – static:

Moving requires heavy machinery.

Mine offers no pretence:

Short of a vehicle.

You choose to call me


Owl wakes me regardless. – Bliss.

Tin roof for rain to drum.

4 walls my own

to be a hermit – my own steam.

– as based near the riverside park in my small town


~ by Barbara S on May 2, 2022.

16 Responses to “static – d’Verse prompt”

  1. Sounds like a peaceful way to exist these days…..I would trade my crows for that owl.

  2. and the social context eg of the current British Govt and policies does not go away miraculously either… but you’re right, it is the life style for me. πŸ™‚

  3. I love it! Rain and owls wake everyone but the deaf!

  4. Sounds cozy!

  5. The nomadic lifestyle is presented in all of its finery in this poem. I’d love to awaken to the call of an owl… lucky you! ❀

  6. I love this one, Barbara! So good.


  7. It sounds very nice and cosy

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