Guest post: Feeding the worms

~ by Barbara S on April 30, 2022.

5 Responses to “Guest post: Feeding the worms”

  1. I like this one! Providing offerings to the worms!

    • myself I am hoping to be cremated, ashes buried in a designated forest under a designated tree – that would be an offering to the tree then?

      • I think that would be. And perhaps an offering back to the earth as you provide nutrients to trees that help maintain the atmosphere. I am looking into what is called a green burial. That is just putting my body back in the earth. No chemicals and no boxes, just natural decomposition.

      • have just double-checked: had remembered correctly: green burial is not permitted in Ger. Even the designated forests are a new development over a few decades. And I got lucky a couple of yrs ago when a group of feminist friends I am associated with had a plot under their ‘group tree’ for sale. That lowered the price. 🙂 Now back to my book-cum-PhD project first.

      • I think the green burials are pretty rare over here too. Hopefully some of the rules will change before I get there. Cremation is always a good option too.
        I will say I find it entertaining that you got a group discount for designated forest. I just didn’t think that is something I would hear about today!

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