Basho, Robert Aitken and Haiku 3

This is part of a series on reflections on the book I referred to in two previous posts.

In chapter 5, Aitken ends up talking about koan and koan practice in Buddhism:

There is a transformation through time, space and agent. With each koan your practice changes. – Fortunately for me, as I am not a Buddhist, Aitken does not leave it there.

Drink earth and sunshine

deep tonight;

a toast to new life past.

That is his conclusion referring to sunset and sunrise as deep transformations.

Perhaps that is also touching upon a point I made in the last post.

In my catholic days I once told a female spiritual director about a sort-of experience of mine. She replied, visibly moved: Oh, a secular experience… Upon which a small voice inside me, one I had never heard so clearly, came forth: What other kind is there?

~ by Barbara S on April 26, 2022.

6 Responses to “Basho, Robert Aitken and Haiku 3”

  1. Hi Barbara, Right now the audio book that I listen to on my way to work is The Essential Dogen. What I am noticing is that there are many haiku like statements in that text. Unfortunately, I am just listening to them and not able to read the words so I am missing the formatting of the phrases. I may need to pick up the actual book and see how everything is laid out on paper. I’ll get to Zen Wave soon!

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