When I met a dog – go-dog-go cafe prompt: Haibun

Have I told you the story what happened when I met a dog? It must have been the summer before last, in Bonn, outside a drug store at a street corner if I remember – a big fluffy black dog, sitting on the pavement waiting, obediently. I think I said something briefly, like ‘what are you doing…’ but the dog, being in obedience-mode did not flinch. When I came out of the shop some 10 minutes later, the dog was still sitting there, as I passed, I could have sworn he said ‘you could at least have patted my head’.- It is right, I am hesitant touching a dog without at least having eye contact or a nod from the owner. But here I was clearly found wanting by the dog himself. A few months later I came across an article about proof that telepathy between humans and animals is possible. It did not surprise me. But it reminded me of another encounter with a dog some thirty years before. I had come to a friend’s house for her grand dad’s funeral. Jacky, the cheeky black schnauzer was clearly grieving. – When I left to catch my train, he lay in a corner and his words for me were, very clearly: ‘now she is leaving as well’. It is true, I never went back to that house, that friend or that dog. I had at the time no way of knowing that though.

a soul’s presence

without fail remains

if you dare too


~ by Barbara S on April 13, 2022.

2 Responses to “When I met a dog – go-dog-go cafe prompt: Haibun”

  1. I do love looking into my dog’s eyes and wonder what she would say to me if she could…

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