sweeping cobwebs – go-dog-go cafe throwback friday

day light:

little villain

admiring their new tricks

pretending love and humility –

no more


it is of course WRONG to tell someone who has been at the receiving end of power abuse or manipulation ‘nobody can manipulate you against your will‘ – yet there is a kernel of truth in the observation itself. Both Buddhist and Catholic priests are known to have abused the power handed to them, the latter had more opportunity – yet people still keep in the respective flocks. They love the spiritual tradition you say? The way to appreciate bears is to keep your distance.

The author has been at the receiving end of spiritual manipulation by someone who used to present himself as humble – only occasionally he lets the veil drop – oh look a rogue, a smartass. – Can he be thought of as Loveable? Whatever next?

In one interview towards the end of his life spiritual innovator (no flock then?) Thomas Keating OCSO said he wished we could rename g-o-d. His way of praying is being domesticated as we speak. Is that a verdict that cynicism wins? On a conceptual level distance from the bear means: Always, always return to your own judgment – like Galileo Galilei: Earth keeps spinning, you are better off living. Surviving is not enough though.


~ by Barbara S on April 8, 2022.

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