changing routine

after several complaints (all granted) over a year, vodafone let me out of the contract for mbb. Comparing other services, I have decided for now, to go into the summer without. It will give me more time on the bike (to visit library and supermarket cafe), a renewed work discipline minus late night films (a bit of an acquired addiction during lockdown) and it will require a lot of discipline to maintain healthy eating (no pricey snacks from the caff opp library for one) – namely pre-planning and shopping ahead (carrot batons over carrot cake!). So from early May my blogging routine will also change as on some days I won’t be able to take the laptop to library as carrying my swim gear, on the bike. Oh yes, take herbal tea bags along to reduce caffeine at the same time. I have rather been relying on ad-hoc inspiration – so it will be interesting to see what happens there. This comes at a time where finally my first book project IS beginning to look like one coming to life. Watch this space.


~ by Barbara S on April 8, 2022.

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