spring – haibun prompt from go dog go cafe

spring as spring can

never knowing when

drums of rain stop

Why do I want to say spring is a time of patience needed in Britain? The weather is never much to write home about anyway. But there is a particular quality of unpredictability to April showers, like today, in Britain. Or is my impatience with many aspects of Britain’s social system really what bugs me? The rain is drumming without notice for as long as it pleases on my tin roof – and I am stuck inside.

My neighbour caught 5 minutes of dry time this morning with his sit-on mower going round the site. I am due to go to the swimming pool later: Chances are I get soaked while cycling over.

I read again this morning Basho’s haiku of winter – the one-coloured season.

So spring in Britain is the season of sounds – when it’s not the rain drumming, it’s the wind beating my little caravan.

Ah, I have to admit, I like being exposed to the elements, aside from nature telling me what’s going on – rather than only the news on the radio. But that, of course, does not stop me swearing when I get soaked rushing bent 5 metres to the shed where I left my rain coat. Not today I didn’t I am pleased to say. But today, now, the rain drum is a signal to have an early afternoon nap – a legacy of lockdown sleep patterns with nights shortened by long feature films.

taking what I can

do with patience


~ by Barbara S on April 6, 2022.

2 Responses to “spring – haibun prompt from go dog go cafe”

  1. Ahhh…Spring in Britain…I would LOVE to visit one day.

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