unravelling – go-dog-go cafe prompt

(Thought on editing a previous haibun for submission to be published:) As I was looking at the picture that I had long begun to associate with the text and read the text back to me silently, I suddenly noticed how I felt lighter inside and breathed deeply. My resistance was unravelling, and fast. I had not for nothing 25 years ago begun to record those special Moments: They are special in that they are still present. When I enter them, they are still here and now.

One Moment

still present –

breathing even now

It has been a good few years that I tried this as a regular – and liberating – practice. It is not always the same Moment that speaks to me in this way, but it is always one – and then I bathe in the riches of Presence.

There is nothing regressive in this, on the contrary, the practice refreshes my sense that I live FOR a meaning, FOR a purpose, FOR a development – inside and outside.

A small cog

in its own place

turning the whole

As I have recently heard her say, I agree with Rev angel williams*: If in doubt, if needing to refocus – SIT and ground myself in what Graf Durckheim – in his work about such matters Buddhist – called hara and what Rev calls point practice.

But there is more to it: I don’t remember where I read the sentence: Most people when they have had an insight, dust themselves down and carry on as if nothing had happened. Ha! There is an alternative: It is possible to allow oneself to be re-assembled from the light, trust, confidence such Moments contain. The old ego, the old self, full of anxieties unravels in the face of such trust.


~ by Barbara S on April 5, 2022.

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