with an owl life style, I welcome more daylight. I find it easier to do things round ‘the house’ (my caravan, including shed 1 and 2). Today though, I startled myself. Having put my grocery delivery away and waved off the driver, I sat down for a minute and suddenly got the idea to measure my bp. Had to change the batteries first as the machine had been gathering dust. I felt a bit queasy and dizzy. So I thought, together with some other things jotted down last night for health check this year, I thought I might as well take my bp. Oops. Not quite off the scale but certainly hitting the roof.

I dug out my tissue salts and a couple of herbal remedies, took a dose and made sure I have the right essential oil to hand (lavender). Before I left the house for my routine weekday cycling trip through town, I took a second and a third reading: Bp had come down gradually. It went back up after cycling but went down resting. That to me means for the moment, I continue treating myself.

Pickled beetroots, green tea, hawthorne tincture together with the remedies from the morning will now be my staples. I didn’t have time or energy to admonish myself. So together with a new regime of feeling/sensing to which foods my body responds well (or not), I have my self care cut out. I probably could have picked up the bp months ago, had I been bothered to look.

So grateful I have just been invited to join weekly sits(meditation) with Rev Angel Williams’ network on zoom: They will undoubted be of the greatest help. Oh, and bananas to support the heart, as well as ‘an apple a day…’

waking up to care

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My paternal grandmother lived well into her nineties, and independently.

~ by Barbara S on March 28, 2022.

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