breathing after what came

before and now – no guarantees

but being awake


When I spent what turned out to be 4 weeks in Cologne at the end of my winter in Germany, I was not at all sure, I mean really not, what I was actually doing there, much less so even when I had to postpone departure twice – once for a false pos. covid test and once for flood warning at my destination. And on the last day of the second unplanned extension, while waiting my turn, I was leafing through a magazine on the counter at hotel reception – to the most stunning find of a group of women I will do much networking with. Initial contact is established, and I expect to meet them when I return in June.

Those who read my posts regularly will know that I am reluctant to use phrases like ‘everything happens for a reason’ (which is poor grammar apart from everything else) which seems to reduce and wrap up far too tightly – a wonderful and joyous surprise. When I left my kind landlord in Bonn earlier than planned, I had said to him I needed to be in Cologne for some business connections – half thinking as I said it it was was bit of a white lie. But now it seems I was getting ready to pick up the original threads of my life, my calling again. But then, before it happens, you don’t know that the moment when everything stops is just the moment – before something new starts.


Below is the image of the unadventurous bus station, today in pouring rain, in the locality where I am spending time in limbo at the moment as I wait for other pieces of my life to fall into place. And where miserable Brits are getting used to the shortage of food imports post-Covid and post-Brexit.

~ by Barbara S on March 11, 2022.

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