Professor T

Have just watched the 6 episodes of this series (ITV, online; a British adaptation of a Belgian film) for the second time and – still find it fascinating: A high-functioning autistic genius criminologist, helping the police with criminal cases – combining intuition and occasional ESP, well presented in the medium of film. Trauma in his past explains why some images and memories threaten to overwhelm him at times. But he manages. His talents are taken seriously. (His artistic and eccentric mother seems to have more difficulty with that in her life.)

Very surprised that several reviews online only mention his OCD, not Autism/Asperger’s (AS) to which the character himself refers. In my view, it seems OCD may be used (of course not consciously) to manage the AS sensitivities in real life. I shall probably watch 6 episodes again and look forward to a series 2 next year.

actor Ben Miller

~ by Barbara S on March 7, 2022.

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