sun penetrates deeper

with grace opening

the last crevices

While I presented the above haiku-like verses the other day juxtaposed with a touch of self irony to avoid getting uppity on myself, there is also a serious, a deep side to joyfulness that needs acknowledgment.

On a good day, I may carry it like a quasi-religious habit. But to be truthful, I am a novice – meaning here: My habit may be pristine but I don’t yet fully belong in it.

While I have no way of even beginning to get a sense of what the late TNH suffered to get to his inner freedom that made him the teacher he ended up as for many, and I certainly won’t end up there – there is something inextinguishable in having overcome a great loss of meaning or sense of security – perhaps even early in life. There may be a horizon, far away, that presents itself.

When I am not found

at the usual places some will say

I am lost and indeed –

in getting lost

I was found*

And yet, the other quote that sometimes scrolls past when I look at fb may also serve as a warning against naivety here:

Most people when they have an insight, dust themselves off and get on with their day as if nothing had happened.

For me, at this point, that are the days when I ignore my plan of healthy eating – when I don’t value myself enough to be attentive enough.

Yet, what I am unable to forget is that I am alive, joy awake or not, as part of a beautiful hurting world. Therein lies an ability to respond and thus an inherent need to do so to the best of my abilities. I may need distance for my equanimity at times. but it then drives me back to warm up to the way I can express compassion to the best of my abilities** – whatever these may be. Schulz knew.


*ascribed to St John of the Cross

**referring to Diana Winston’s teaching onequanimity and compassion in Mindfulness; see MARC at UCLA

~ by Barbara S on March 2, 2022.

3 Responses to “Joy”

  1. Love your cartoon addition…yes, we must celebrate our joy as well as challenges!

  2. thank you 😊 Schulz was really a philosopher, I think

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