Carnival cancelled? – not quite

The established Rosenmontagsparade in Cologne my have been cancelled, as I have reported – out of respect for Ukraine, but street carnival certainly was not. I sat in the sun for an hour at lunch time, enjoying people-watching. Moved I was when I returned to the place in front of the station at 5pm: The stairs to the Cathedral (pictured; stock photo) were full of people – the gathering had turned into an undeclared demonstration for peace, some people holding signs with or without the Ukraine flag and anti-war symbols. What touched me more even was the undertone of silence – not a complete silence, but an intention making itself felt silently. I am certainly glad I got stuck in Cologne to witness this. The traditional established parade used to have an anti-establishment flair, with some of the trucks making fun of politicians or other public figures. I have not watched it for many years, but that’ s how I remember it. Today’s spontaneous showing-up though was different and it was real.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky on the occasion of taking office

~ by Barbara S on February 28, 2022.

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