in limbo


echoes my room

bahnhof gleis bitte zum

abfahrt flughafen heute nach



After a positive result from a covid test, revised by PCR 14 hrs later – I had to check into the hotel again: not travel home as planned. And to quarantine, I had to have an en suite. Not that I mind; my bank balance is another story. The new room, on a different floor, happens to be on the other side of the building, closer to the train station, Cologne central station. So the hum and buzzing that waft across are a permanent feature of my day: The tram rattling, an indistinguishable hum of voices. Cars.

~ by Barbara S on February 27, 2022.

4 Responses to “in limbo”

  1. Hopefully, you get better quickly and are inspired to write many haiku as you watch the trains go by! Take care.

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