some light relief

… you care to turn away from news of war and still-covid? Pull up a chair and indulge me by listening for a minute: So I am German, UK-resident for25 years or so and as such beneficiary of some regulation the EU has negotiated with Brexit. Before Brexit, all Britains could get free healthcare in any EU-country if they needed it during a visit. Well, not say a nose job, not even a dental bridge, but what’s called acute care and it has to be what would be available in the home country as well. Since Brexit, only EU nationals resident on Britain enjoy this benefit. So I do.

Enter the office of the German health insurance chosen as intermediary – they were to advance the cost to the German companies/agent involved and the UK Authorities would reimburse them. That’s what the relevant law says. But – the Insurance approached a year ago about a knee brace did not play ball, claiming I did not qualify, construing some hair-raising argument why this would be so. I appealed, explained the matter to the agent who let me have the brace on trust – was able to walk and so eventually returned to the UK, not before having received a supportive email from a case worker in the British Embassy in Berlin no less. – Well, after some 8 weeks or so, the Health Insurance granted my appeal and paid the agent, so he could pay the trader. Phew. Surprisingly, I had been as cool as a cucumber throughout. I knew the law.

I must have thought, knowledge of the relevant law would spread by osmosis and I would not encounter this kind of hurdle again. Little did I know. Last month, after developing an allergy and some other symptom showing the brace was no longer suitable, I got a new prescription, this time for an extra strong medical-type knee sleeve, only 10% of the cost of the previous item. – I have got it and can walk without a rollator and without pain – bliss again. However, the Health Insurance, a different one from last year, in a different locality, again – does not want to play ball. This time, forever changing staff at the dealer’s side with them and bark at me, without considering the evidence I have provided. And turns out I am past taking fools gladly. So, I have to use the tank of reassurance last year’s process brought and leave them to it. I have got the aid I need, paid my contribution. And I walk. Happy to wait for somebody knocking heads together and in the end fund this year’s purchase/prescription. I am not quite as calm as I was last year, but bracing myself for another appeal process, if need be.

~ by Barbara S on February 25, 2022.

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