Stepping out in Cologne today, you can’t avoid the fact. The annual madness has started and won’t be over, really, until Ash Wednesday (next week). The image shows what I call ‘High Carnival’ – professional costumes, and speeches (more volume than substance). And the procession through town, usually worth seeing at least once for creative costumes and some satire displayed on open trucks on the Monday, Rosenmontag. The latter has been cancelled by the Lady Mayor out of respect for the people of Ukraine. The mostly drunken images of the street carnival today will be seen as tasteless by some, not just because of the Russian oligarchy having started a war not far from the Eastern border of the European Union. As I went to the station an hour ago, naively to buy a coffee, emergency personnel from the ambulance parked outside, were just pushing their way through the crowds. In case you wonder: Covid has been suspended: Cologne has been declared Brauchtumszone by the local Authority for those events to be happening (area of local tradition). Traditionally, today women folk have the right to cut off ties men folk are wearing, so to be a good sport as a man, you have to wear one. Reception staff at my hotel probably won’t comply and in any case would be safe from me.

~ by Barbara S on February 24, 2022.

One Response to “weiberfastnacht”

  1. in the end, I ventured out again for a Currywurst, into the Veedel, a friendly mixed-ethnic quarter with mixed take-outs and shops, the Fressbudd kept shop open for the night and served customers outside, in the pedestrian zone and everybody was having good-natured fun. And btw, my hotel receptionist came dressed up as a monk. And I, I didn’t end up as a Koellsche scrooge. 😉

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