wellies on everyone!

if you are not from the British Isles, you may call them rubber boots as somebody other than the Earl of Wellington invented them for you – the thing is: I picked up a flood warning half an hour ago, so may have to stay put in Cologne for a few more days. The picture below may not be a current one but probably accurate, the playground under 3-4 ft of water from the river Trent – just a few yards from my front entrance (which lies on very slightly higher ground I am happy to report). Being safe is nice but eurostar will probably charge through the nose for amendments. – Added later: After 3 error messages on their web site and 40′ in a waiting loop on the phone, eurostar graciously let me off ‘phone surcharge’ and late amendment fee; still had to pay a higher rate for the new trip – now planned for Saturday.

~ by Barbara S on February 22, 2022.

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