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rusty rattling at dusk

tunnel graffiti

stop and go

Last night I parted from my kind Egyptian landlord and pleasant apartment in Bonn, after some last minute errands which went well – to travel on to Cologne, on the tram, the slowest of the means of public transport for 3 more weeks, a couple of doc’s visits and hopefully more of the same with my beloved…

-Ernst Barlach, Der Schwebende
  1. needed are more rest and healing and – finally: finishing touches to my research proposal. I have not simply procrastinated after all, but taken some notes for the structure and – decided against one specific grant application as that particular grant would prejudice my writing in the direction of turning didactic where I want to be present – in my writing. So will see. ‘Trust that you will given what you need’ said my almost-counsellor/coach in Bonn in one email.
  2. No idea why wp is numbering my paras and none how to get rid off same, not the usual ways anyway. The hostel I am in is really a budget hotel with single and shared rooms, near the station and amenities. So, with my rollator in lieu of bike (which remains parked in Bonn), I will do a lot of walking (for one with a knee injury) which is good for me – 4k a minimum per day, sometimes double that.
  3. My room is tiny – makes me grin every time I enter, but perfectly formed. Desk, sockets, heating aplenty, large window, opening to the office building on the other side of the street. Living out of the suitcase, mostly. Ah – at the end of the hall on my floor a very luxurious disabled shower with lots of handle bars. I have already refreshed my plans to do some cold water therapy – after a relaxing hot shower. Cologne has quite a different atmosphere from Bonn, of course it is a big city, and people rush past each other whereas in Bonn people seemed more withdrawn into themselves (covid-related?)
  4. The other day I read the somewhat melancholic article by an expat on fb – Northern Irish with EC passport, now livicold shower ng in Berlin, previously Scotland, if I remember. In sum, he said he missed the British landscape and coast but felt relief at the ‘still mostly adult public discourse’. Only a few years younger than I. I commented how much I relate, coming at it from the angle of a German after 25 years in Britain, where I remain resident 9/12.
  5. The dentist I went to see in Bonn, treating me on state insurance/European Health Insurance, had a good working knowledge of homeopathy and herbal remedies. Imagine that in England.-
  6. I feel, I am only now fully bilingual, as I have a foot in both countries. Feels good, and I am not alone in that – an Arabic corner shop owner and the hotel manager, like myself, are inclined to say one sentence in German, to add another in English, for fluidity.
  7. Not much has happened in 2.5 months but, perhaps with spring round the corner, I feel well-travelled and, yes, I am looking forward to return to my quiet gypsy-like life in England – residing in a caravan, based on a a site adjacent to travellers, with some amenities and a little back yard/meadow.
  8. Now off to see Barlach and maybe have a Currywurst mit Pommes from a stall on the way. Good job I can sit on my rollator: As not covid-vaccinated, restaurants are a no-go.
Currywurst Mit Pommes - Bilder und Stockfotos - iStock

~ by Barbara S on February 2, 2022.

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