• just learned from a fellow blogger of this verse form:

Two by Four poem. It was invented in 1999 by Lee Ann Brown. It consists of 4 lines with 2 words per line. They may or may not rhyme. The subject emphasis is on whimsical, creative, or experimental use of language/word play.

Thought I give it a try.


no home

a traveller

guest too

cherish life

The poet Basho lived his life as a pilgrimage. I found this notion in Robert Aitken’s book about Basho’s work and/as haiku as riddles. Personally, I find it interesting, without having an answer or needing to find one to a conundrum contained within: Aitken does not refer to a definition of pilgrimage. In the West, it seems clearly related to concepts of religion and the sacredness of places related to those. (Birth places of saints or apparitions or healing properties of a spring…) So – does Aitken, does Basho refer to the process of his life instead – or…?

In my chosen home country, England, by equal opps policies, I am seen as a non-ethnic traveller, by choice of my abode. That does not make me a poet though. 😉


~ by Barbara S on January 26, 2022.

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  1. Hi Barbara, I like this one! I also like the form.

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